About Capel Consulting

We are a committed team that has spent countless hours learning about each other, working together, and solving problems. We share knowledge, we admit when we’re wrong, and we are the first to admit that we don’t know it all.

We are Andy and Ashley Capel. We have worked together professionally, personally, and socially for over 20 years as facilitators, wilderness guides, and parents. We lean on each others strengths, because the sum is greater than the individual parts. 

I, Ashley, hold a masters degree in applied psychology with an emphasis in industrial/organizational psychology. I have worked in startups and small businesses since college, working my up from a bookkeeper to a Chief Financial Officer, a Chief Operating Officer, and many jobs in-between. I have extensive financial, accounting, organizational behavior and development, and business planning experience. 

Andy has worked in marketing, training, and systems management for almost 20 years. His expertise is marketing campaigns, customer research, and system design. He holds a Salesforce Administrator certification, and is a data junky. He has developed the database architecture, implementation, training, adoption, management, and reporting for public, nonprofit, and government organizations. 

Startup & Small Business Planning

Ideation, Startup, Growth, Exit

Family Business Advisor

Trained to work with family owned businesses

Certified Salesforce Administrator

Equipped to manage small and large projects

Industry Experience

Apparel & Textiles, Art, Aviation, Dance,
e-commerce, Health & Fitness, Jewelry, Manufacturing, Medical Clinics, Pottery, Retail, & Service

Some fun projects!

These are just a few of the fun projects we have worked on……..

Migrated EDI systems for an international apparel & textile company that led to a completely digital process (eliminating human error), streamlined operations, and thousands saved in chargebacks.
Cleaned up a financial system, created training documents, and worked on succession planning for a pottery studio to pass to the next generation.
Worked with a family-owned health and fitness company to conduct a business valuation that led to the sale of their business. Developed the strategy for the transfer of assets, institutional knowledge, and financial history. New owners are experiencing growth and the former owners are enjoying retirement.
Added an e-commerce feature for a dance studio that allowed dancers and their families order quality photos from their award winning performances. This added a revenue stream that allowed the studio to expand programming and offer scholarships.
Migrated a local server to a cloud based service that allowed employees to work from home. The company updated administrative policies, processes & manuals that led to elevated employee engagement because employees had better work/life balance. The project increased communication and modernized technology that had a positive impact on the business culture.
Created and developed a database that allowed 30,000 small businesses to access grants and funds from the CARES Act. This system was developed with the end user in mind from day-1, creating an easy process for both the recipient and grantor. The system is still in operation and is running seamlessly. The detailed data reports that are generated from the system increase transparency and accountability.