About Ashley:

Ashley is a management consultant with over 20 years of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve their goals. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to work across a variety of industries such as manufacturing, textile & apparel, health & fitness, medical clinics, aviation, advertising & marketing, outdoor recreation, and more. She enjoys sharing the knowledge, skills, and experience that she learned throughout her career with business owners to help them achieve their goals. 

Giving back is a large part of who Capel Consulting is. Ashley’s grandmother was a proud 5th-grade teacher for over 35 years. Ashley continues the teaching legacy led by her grandmother by facilitating business workshops throughout the community, mentoring women and entrepreneurs at the Venture Center, and working with other community leaders to build entrepreneurial ecosystems. She is passionate about startups and small businesses, keeping the local economy alive and thriving, and building generational wealth for families in the community.  

Ashley brings together a team of professionals she has met throughout her career. Each hand-picked addition to the team brings the same passion, dedication, and quality that defines Capel Consulting.