Management Consulting

We focus on your business.

It is not always fun to hire consultants, and we get that. We've worked as employees in small businesses for so long, we know how to get things done.

We deliver superior results.

It is frustrating to pay for services and not be happy with the results. We strive for client satisfaction every time and our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Financial & Accounting Services

We have seen it all. Whether you have taken a back seat to your financials for a while and want to understand them better, or if you have had turnover and need to get new employees up to speed, or maybe your financials are just a mess and you want to clean them up or start fresh, we can help.

We work within your budget and develop a plan. We think outside of the box for solutions that can give you the biggest bang for your buck. Because a lot of small business owners are embarrassed to ask for help with financials, the problem gets worse. If you only knew how many people feel that way. Nobody wants to talk about it over fear of judgment. No judgment here!

Financial Statements, P&L, Cash Flow, Payroll, Projections, Analysis, Reports……we can do it all. 


We help you develop marketing strategies and campaigns to increase traffic, increase sales, and capture data. We develop customer personas to define your target customers and how to reach them.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We help you develop or expand your customer relationships, and extract data that is helpful in decision-making and future projections.

Organizational Behavior & Development

We have hands on and academic experience to help you understand how your company operates. We help you motivate employees, increase job satisfaction, attract quality employees, and create a healthy, vibrant culture.

Business Planning

We develop living business plans with relevant information that is easily adopted by teams. Nobody wants a business plan that collects dust. Examples include:

Strategic Plans

Marketing Plans

Growth Plans

Operational Plans

Product Plans

Systems Planning

We understand the value that well developed, designed, and maintained systems can provide to small businesses. Let's fully utilize your existing resources and assets to produce the maximum results.

Business Life Cycle

We work with businesses from ideation, through startup, into expansion, stability, and exit strategy/succession planning. Be prepared for what's next for your business.

Family Business Planning

We help your family business work together to strengthen the collective goals, and help the company transition to future generations. We are Galliard Family Business Advisor trained.

Succession Planning

We have tools to help you determine the exit strategy and succession planning for you to leave the business. We've helped businesses transition assets to new owners and formally shut a business down.

Job Analysis

Employees want to know what their job duties are, and employers want to hire the right employees. We conduct job analyses to determine the job positions and the necessary skills and abilities to perform them.

Organizational Structure

We look at your long term growth plan to develop the organizational structure to support it. We identify the positions that will be needed, and the growth obstacles, challenges, and successes.

Let’s see how we can help you!

We’d love to join forces with you to discuss your needs, or to hear your new startup idea.