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Hello! We are Capel Consulting.

We design and develop solutions based on your business goals, capacity, and strengths.

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With decades of combined experience, we help your business stabilize, strengthen, grow, or prepare the exit strategy. 

Training & Development

We help you grow your team with customized training and development material that increases job productivity, satisfaction, and happiness.

Financial & Accounting Services

We deliver a wide range of financial and accounting services: proforma financials, database migration, policies & procedures, and financial management.

Systems Management

We clean up messy databases all the time. We can also research alternatives and manage the system migration and implementation.

Management Consulting

We strengthen businesses by providing services that focus on the organization as a whole. Because everyone benefits when the whole organization works together!

Change Management

We develop the path of change that will translate to organizational success. Because change is hard, it is not as successful if it is not planned.

Applied Research

We develop applied research methods, facilitation, and reports. You get insight from surveys, focus groups, interviews, experiments, or mixed-methods that can drive decision-making.

User Experience (UX)

We develop the tools to gather information from the end user about their experience with your product, service, website, campaign, or a wide range of other variables. You get powerful insight.

e-Commerce & Web Development

We develop, update, or rebrand your web presence. We focus on data and collaboration between tools, plugins, and API pushes, with a focus on how you can easily update and fully utilize them.

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We offer a wide range of services to help your business succeed. You are the driver, we are the support.